3 is the magic number… food, fashion & travel

Established May 2013, “It’s a Lifestyle Thing” was created after jumping ship from working in the financial sector to follow my heart.

Now a full time photographer travelling the world working with people and brands alike, I use the blog for a little ‘me’ time – to share all that I enjoy and do with you lovely lot, focusing around my magic 3 ingredients – food, fashion & travel. Using lots of photography and some cheeky dialog I hope to share all I see & do (&eat!)

Home? London, however I grew up in the good old USA and thus have acquired a rather odd hybrid Yank/Brit accent that leads many to think I’m Australian…

Other things to know about me?  I love the sun and all things oceanic, I’m addicted to sunglasses, my favourite animal is a Zebra, my favourite food is Marmite (yes, I eat it with a spoon) and I stick my tongue out… a lot 

My moto?

“Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life”

Big Love
Nancy xxx

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