It’s a good 4 hour drive from Glasgow, give or take depending on traffic. Whilst there is a camp site just back from the beach, there is little in the way of food after you’ve driven through Fort William (see map below) so be sure to pack a picnic and plenty of water.

We headed up just for the day – the drive is pretty straight forward in terms of directions, but there are lots windy roads so take care. If you wanted to stay for the night there are camp sights all along that bit of coast line, or a few low key hotels in Fort William and Morar. But, if it was me I would look to stay in an Airbnb or holiday rental for the night – I had a little look and there are some really gorgeous whole properties for around £90 per night (but that would be for a whole cottage with 3 bedrooms), it would just require a little bit of research.

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